Popular Boys Haircuts


Popular boy’s haircuts vary from year to year but often include the same basic children’s hairstyles. Here are some of the most popular haircuts for boys and how to achieve the style that can create a popular and stylish option for children’s haircuts.

The fauxhawk is just as popular with men, as it is with boys. This hairstyle leaves more hair on the top that can be spiked to resemble a Mohawk without removing half of the hair on the head. This way, the child can have hair that is like their father, their brother or another stylish member of the family. The hair is cut shorter through the side and the back than on the top, allowing for product to be placed in the hair to spike the hair like a Mohawk.

Crew cuts are also another popular boy’s haircut for boys seeking a versatile hairstyle that is going to be low maintenance. The crew cut is perfect for children that are into sports and children that are seeking hair that does not need to be styled on a daily basis. This is perfect for younger children that do not have the patience to sit through a daily hair styling session.