35 Awesome Wedding Hair Style Picture - Part 5

I have always heard that most brides love long wedding hair styles. Even if you have short hair, you may want your hair to appear more full and sassy instead flat to your head.

You want to grow your hair to significant length in order to have the long wedding hair style you have always wanted. But if you are only about 1 month away from your big day, you should be out there looking for hair extensions.

But wait. Before you start searching for hair extensions, do consider the positive and negative aspects.

Here are some pros and cons for getting hair extensions:

1. Hey, it is only once a lifetime and your hair will look fabulous for your wedding day.
2. You can create a stunning and lovely look that will make all your guests drool.

1. You will spend a lot of money. But if you have deep pocket, it is worth for the once-in-a-lifetime look.
2. Your hair may be damaged if the extensions are not attached and removed properly. A solution to this problem is look for saloons that you can trust. You can ask your female friends for recommendation.

Of course, I feel every bride has her unique personality and she should find the right wedding hairstyle that fit her best, be it growing her long hair, keeping it short or having any kind of hair extensions.

Some brides are more suitable to have long wedding hair styles while others are look prettier with short wedding hair styles.

It is all about personal preference and choice.

So to help you been exposed to more wedding hair styles pcitures (and to help you make a better decision), this post of the "35 Awesome Wedding hair Style" series is on "long wedding hair styles". And it is the last post of this series.

There are three parts:
1. Long Wedding Hair Styles
2. Long Curly Wedding Hair Styles
3. Long Hair Extensions

Enjoy the pictures and remember to go back to the source for more info.

P.S: A last hair tip from me. You should also beware of using excessive styling products that can make your hair look like a hard sculpture. It is your wedding day and you should look as natural and comfortable as possible.