Curly Hair Frizz

Hair frizz is a problem faced generally by all the women. By experimenting hair with different styles, gels, moistures, hair sprays etc. one weakens and damages her hair. This result into frizz and finally leads into split ends. It is a problem that everyone wants to get rid of as it gives an older and untidy look. By following some do’s and don’ts anyone can say good bye to it.Like already mentioned over use of styling products, gels, sprays can lead to frizz. Excessive use of blow drying, curling irons, harsh chemicals should also be avoided. Touching and combing hair often also spoils the hair.Excessive contact with sunrays or strong winds also spoils the hair structure. Studies have also shown that in the areas of high humidity chances of hair frizz are greater than in areas of comparatively low humidity.Imbalance in the pH level of the hair is another reason that leads to weakening of hair. One should drink 10 -12 glass of water in a day. Lack of balanced diet i.e. less of vitamins, protein and essential minerals result in it.Do not wash your hair everyday. It devoid your hair of natural oil and dries them up and hair getting dry is initial step of hair frizz. Go for deep moistening treatment once a week to moisten your hair.