Short Curly Hair

Styles for natural curly hair should always complement your hair's unique curl pattern. Not everyone knows how to "read" that pattern and the results could be disastrous.Layered hair cuts are one of the most suitable haircuts for short to medium length soft curly hair. It is easier to maintain and give your curls a good structure.Excessive hair weight is a curl's worst enemy. When your hair gets too long and heavy it tends to pull down and straighten your curls. Visit your stylist at least every six weeks. If you have thick curly hair, or your hair grows quickly, then every four to five weeks might be better for you. There are many different hairstyles for people who have naturally curly hair. Short curly hairstyles are becoming very popular as the women move more and more into an era where they are on par with men and working just as frequently while still maintaining a family. Short curly hairstyles allow for the women to have their curls and eloquence while still maintaining the short hairstyles that help to keep them cool and under control in stress.Very short curly hairstyles are also very common. These hairstyles are short enough to allow the curls to stand on their own and provide the appearance of an afro from the seventies without the craziness associated with the afro. Short styles a great for those who do not wish to have to deal with longer hair but have curls. Short Curly Hair styles can even be gelled and styled so that they lie on the head and create a sleek and more modern appearance.